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Trying New Things

When I heard about my friends renting an escort for the evening I felt rather sick about the entire situation. Especially when they had mentioned it to me. It took them weeks to even convince me to call Leeds escorts and find out what it was all about. After I made the phone call, I started to double think everything. Before I knew it, It was a Friday evening and I was out dancing with a man I had never met before. The awkwardness wore off after just a few hours and after that we were having the time of our lives. I felt like I had known him my whole life and every conversation we had seemed to go so smoothly. After that night, I thanked my friends up and down for convincing me to call the agency. I honestly had an amazing time and it felt like I had even made a new friend in a way.

A New Lease on Life

I never really knew how intimacy can really be improved with massage and how using a product specifically designed for that can help. I bought some Nuru Gel, and its ingredients really came alive. My partner and I use it all the time now, and we are having a good time. Sometimes the massage is better than the sex. The product is easy to use and there is no messiness. I like the way it goes on, and it lasts for a long time. If there is one product I would recommend this one, enthusiastically. It definitely has my vote. It can add a new dimension to anyone’s sex life and make intimacy with shag buddies new again. It will make you feel as though you are honeymooning, again. It should be something in the bedroom arsenal.

Brand New Job

I just got hired at a new job downtown at a printing factory. So far this week I have done over twenty assignments, which is a huge thing for only my first week of work. The funniest thing that happened to me at work is that one of my projects was for my friends work Nottingham escorts. I had to print out over a thousand business cards for them so they can hand them out to potential clientel and even current ones. They are great to have because if someone has an excellent date with someone they can hand a card over to a friend who they think would like the person they went out with. So not only will that help a friend with a great date, but it will also help the escort service bring in more money to help with vehicals and date night costs.

I Just Don’t Get It

Once again I am screwed over by someone who I thought was a close friend. Last Friday when we were supposed to be hanging out I caught her with a man in her bed. Who might this man be you ask? The person who I also was having casual sex London with. The sad thing about this is she knew all about me and the guy and still went after him anyways. I keep reminding myself to just forget about it and she is not worth it, but it saddens me. We had been friends for 20 some odd years and I never would have thought she would do something like this. I actually loved and cared about her which is rare for me in a friendship. So needless to say I am not angry, just very sad and bummed out. Especially at that fact that I know my heart cannot every forgive her.

Naag Panchami

A very important day in Indian culture is right around the corner. August, 4, 2011 is Naag Panchami, the festival of snakes. This is such an important day in their culture because of how important snakes are in the Indian culture. There are legends that says that on accident while a farmer was working on day, he killed a young snake. The mother then took revenge and killed the farmer and his family. All except one girl in the family. She was spared because she was praying to the Nagas.

The people of India feel that because of this legend that snakes will keep their family safe if they remain loyal to the snakes and hold them in the highest of regards. In India, snakes are so revered that temples have also been erected in their honor. Some men sacrifice their regular hindi phone sex sessions to honour the snake. One of the most famous temples in India is a place called Subramania.

Online dating, For Real?

I have been so fed up with crappy dates that I was considering giving up men all together. However, my best friend talked me into signing up for a fuck buddy dating website. I have to say that I was skeptical because I did not want to be matched with losers or complete weirdos. I am not desperate by any means, but a girl does need to have standards.

Thankfully, I have met some really nice guys on here. Some are questionable, but they could end up being super cool in real life. Why not give them chance? I do not think I would have ever considered online dating, but sometimes you can surprise yourself. I have had two dates so far and they both were decent. I was not crazy about the guys, but I wanted to try out this whole thing. If anything, it is good practice until I meet the real thing!!

It’s Just A Birthday

I feel like someone has been checking my email messages this week? Every time I go into my email I swear there are messages open that I did not even click on yet. It is funny because the only emails that are opened before me are the ones from Nottingham escort agency. That particular clue leads me to believe the possible suspect could be my husband. He has been swearing up and down lately I have been cheating, but when do I have time? The only reason that particular company is in my email is because I am setting up a surprise date for my friend Jess on her birthday. If he has a problem with that than I think he might want to find another place to sleep because I am not dealing with man issues. I really hope he gets some sense in him before blowing up at me.